NBA2K MyTeam Mode Discussion with Scramz B

Episode 3: In NBA2K15, I thought I would start playing MyTeam mode. But, I don’t know a whole lot about it other than it has a reputation of being a 3 point chuck fest. So, I sought out some information on the MyTeam mode and found Scramz B posting over on the Operation Sports forums. He seemed fairly passionate about the mode and was nice enough to come onto On The Court With Coach2K and discuss it with me.

Scramz B is on the Xbox so we weren’t able to play our customary podcast “pre-game” unfortunately so we got right into our discussion. He was able to clear several things up for me regarding what the mode is all about and also share with me exactly how to go about getting started the right way. He also went into detail about card collecting, the pack system, historic cards and more.

In addition, he shared with me the expected changes in NBA2K15 that is going to be released on October 7.

His most requested change in the mode would be to be able to customize the settings in play with friends mode.

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