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After playing about 20 games in MyCareer as my Coach2K MyPlayer, I still have not upgraded any of my attributes or abilities. My reason for not upgrading is because I’m trying to approach the MyCareer mode from a more realistic perspective. My overall rating is still the 64 that I started with. I’ve been playing well enough, getting over 20 minutes a game and averaging a “B-” while helping the Suns get some wins. I thought it was time to look in to giving MyPlayer some personality and decided to add some personality badges. I think this is the most realistic place to start improving your MyPlayer because many of these are mental qualities and not skill based. In real life, you’d already possess some type of personality regardless of skill.

My Strategy To Adding Personality Badges To My MyPlayer

[catalyst_hook_box name=”googleinpost”]I think it is important to recognize that every player is unique but not every player is dominant – especially in their first season. Even dominant players progressively add new moves in the off season and not during it. Every player has distinctive personalities that they bring to the court and I want MyPlayer to represent how my own personality might be on the court if I really played in the NBA – not the “dream” version of what I would like it to be. For example, I could have added “Enforcer” but did not feel it represented me because I am more of a finesse player.

Here are some other important details about the personality badges in MyCareer:

    • You are limited to three personality badges at any one time. If you look at the picture above, you’ll notice there there are three slots. Three is the most you can add.
    • You don’t have to fill all three. If you don’t feel you need three, you don’t have to have three.
    • Not every badge is available immediately. One of the ones I initially wanted was Fierce Competitor but at the moment it is locked. In order to get it, I have to gain more national fans. The answers to my questions in press conferences seem to control the number of fans I get. Once you progress through the game, you’ll end up unlocking all of the badges at some point.
    • You might need a certain rating in order to get the badge you want. You might need to have certain ratings before you can get certain badges. Like one I looked at, if I remember right, you had to have an emotion of greater than 90. This might lead me to upgrade emotion before anything else if I really wanted it.
    • You can switch them in and out. If you get certain badges now, and decide you want to change, you can move them in and out.
  • Choose personality badges that match your position, your role on the team at that point in your MyCareer and your own personality in real life. I don’t really see myself being a volume shooter because I am a “pass-first” point guard. As a rookie, I don’t think I’d immediately be an alpha dog just because I unlocked it. Spend some time thinking about you and what your personality is as well.

Based on that kind of thinking, here is what I decided to do as far as the personality badges I added right away.

    1. I added Fan Favorite. I think that every new rookie has an element of fan favoritism. In my rookie year, I think it makes sense to add and I’ll probably drop it after that.
    1. I added Cool and Collected. When I play, I don’t ever get too high or too low emotionally and so I thought having this badge would complement my mental approach.
  1. Finally, I added Unpredictable. When I do play, I play hard and do bring energy and this personality badge brings passion into the picture.

Personality Badges I Want To Add Later

As MyCareer progress, I have my eye on a few other personality badges. There are two specifically that I want to add. One is Heart and Soul and the other is Floor General. These two badges I think make more sense after I’ve played awhile. With Floor General in particular, that’s more of a veteran skill that comes after a team gains confidence in you. Other skills I may never consider adding like Hardened or Swagger.

What Personality Badges Did You Add In MyCareer?

Let me know your experience with your personality badges, what you added and why in the comments below.

Also, here’s some gameplay…


Coach2K is a fictional NBA2K player. C2K has been playing video basketball games since the Mattel handheld basketball game was released way back in 1980. You can contact Coach2K on Twitter by clicking here.

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