NBA's Greatest Mode

A new mode in this year’s NBA2K12 was called the NBA’s Greatest Mode. In it is a collection of 15 games containing some of the greatest players in NBA history. They range from Wilt Chamberlain to Jordan. The games are fun to play as the old legends of the game. As a Pacer fan, I was disappointed that it didn’t include the Reggie Miller teams of the 90’s and also disappointed that Charles Barkley is not in the game. It’s said that there must be some contract issues but who really knows why they were left out.

Aside from that, it’s a great feature to add to the game and we had a lot of fun unlocking all of the legends to play whenever we wanted. The first step is in unlocking the greatest players in history is to play each game and win with the great highlighted for that particular game.

Here is a list of the NBA’s greatest in the game. Once you win, then you unlock the rosters for the teams listed.

Michael Jordan Teams Unlocked 92-93 Hornets Bulls 85-86, 90-91, 92-93, 97-98

Magic Johnson 90-91 Trailblazers Lakers 90-91 Byron Scott fav

Larry Bird 85-86 Hawks 85-86 Celtics

Julius Erving 84-85 Bucks Sixers 76-77, 84-85

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 85-86 Celtics Lakers 86-87 Byron Scott

Wilt Chamberlain 71-72 Knicks 71-72 Lakers Jerry West

Hakeem Olajuwon 93-94 Nuggets 93-94 Rockets Kenny Smith

Oscar Robertson 70-71 Lakers 70-71 Bucks

Isiah Thomas 88-89 Bulls and 88-89 Pistons

Karl Malone 97-98 Spurs 97-98 Jazz Hornacek

Bill Russell 64-65 Lakers 65-65 Celtics Sanders

Scottie Pippen 95-96 Supersonics 95-96 Bulls Scottie Pippen

Patrick Ewing 94-95 Magic 94-95 Knicks John Starks

Jerry West 70-71 Hawks 70-71 Lakers Jerry West

John Stockton 97-98 Lakers 97-98 Jazz Hornacek

Favorite guy Jerry West, Oscar Robertson

Least favorite Bill Russell Julius Erving

Once you unlock the teams, you can the use them in for Quick games. Once you unlock all 15 games, you can then use two players in the NBA’s greatest mode.


You don’t have to use the greatest guy on the team. All you have to do is win. You can use any player.

You can play on rookie mode so that it’s easy.

Play again on higher level to get more challenging play.

Rookie mode was harder than we expected. But that was when we first started playing. It would probably be

If you preordered the game you can unlock 90-91 Warriors and Sacramento Kings 01-02 with the code you were given at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, once it’s used, you can’t use the code again.

It was cool to see Phil Jackson as a player and we were disappointed that we couldn’t see the shotstick in the Bill Russell game. My funnest game was scoring 98 points with Oscar Robertson. He has a sweet jumper.

Moving players around. Playing them online

Another tip is if you want to play it quickly, play one minute quarters to go quicker through it.


Coach2K is a fictional NBA2K player. C2K has been playing video basketball games since the Mattel handheld basketball game was released way back in 1980. You can contact Coach2K on Twitter by clicking here.

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