NBA2K Lockdown Defender Signature Skill

The lockdown defender is a player known for his perimeter defensive prowess. While playing defense, this player automatically neutralizes the offensive signature skills of the player he is actively guarding.

Who Are The Lockdown Defenders?

Currently there are 12 lockdown defenders in NBA2K. Broken down by position, there are one point guard, five shooting guards, five small forwards and one power forward.

    • Chris Paul, PG, Los Angeles Clippers: Chris Paul is a great on ball defender with a high steal rating and a high defensive awareness. He also has the Pick Pocket signature skill which goes well with his high steal rating.
    • Avery Bradley, SG, Boston Celtics: Avery Bradley is one of the best on ball defenders in the game. He has high defensive awareness and the signature skill Active Hands.
    • Jimmy Butler, SG, Chicago Bulls:¬†Jimmy Butler is a good on ball defender and has high defensive awareness with an average steal rating. He has no additional defensive signature skills to complement his lockdown defender status.
    • Tony Allen, SG, Memphis Grizzlies: Tony Allen is an elite on ball defender with high defensive awareness and good steal rating. To go along with his lockdown defender signature skill, he also has the Active Hands and Scrapper signature skills. In addition to that, he possesses the Enforcer badge which probably provides some intangible bump to his defensive abilities.
    • Danny Green, SG, San Antonio Spurs: Danny Green is a good defender. He will play solid defense but lacks additional signature skills or elite defensive ratings.
    • Thabo Sefolosha, SG, Oklahoma City Thunder:¬†Thabo Sefolosha is a great on ball defender with high defensive awareness. He has Active Hands to go along with Lockdown Defender.
    • Lebron James, SF, Miami Heat: As the highest overall rated player in the game at 99, it makes sense that Lebron James would have the Lockdown Defender signature skill. He also has the Chasedown Artist and Interceptor signature skill.
    • Paul George, SF, Indiana Pacers: Paul George is a very good defender. He possesses great on ball defensive skills as well as high defensive awareness. In addition to the lockdown defender he also has three other defensive signature skills; Interceptor, Active Hands and Pick Pocket – as well as some badges that could enhance his defensive rhythm.
    • Andre Iguodala, SF, Golden State Warriors: Andre Iguodala is a great defender with Interceptor and the badge enforcer.
    • Luol Dang, SF, Cleveland Cavaliers: Luol Dang is a great defender who use to play with the Chicago Bulls along side two other lockdown defenders. He doesn’t have any additional defensive signature skills.
    • Luc Mbah A Moute, SF, Minnesota Timberwolves: As one of the lowest overall rated lockdown defenders, Luc is a good defender with the Scrapper signature skill.
  • Taj Gibson, PF, Chicago Bulls: Taj is the only power forward with the Lockdown Defender signature skill. He doesn’t have any additional signature skills but does have a 99 block rating which also helps him inside.

Other lockdown defenders: In addition to the current NBA lockdown defenders, I found it interesting that the Euroleague has 10 lockdown defenders. Of course, the classic rosters have their fair share of lockdown defenders. You’ll find multiple Michael, Jordans, Scottie Pippens, Jerry Wests and others like Gary Payton.

How To Use The Lockdown Defender Signature Skill

Some of the best players in the game have at least five signature skills. The lockdown defender neutralizes the offensive signature skills of the player he is actively guarding. If it’s not a natural match up by position, you’ll want to consider using your lockdown defender on another strong offensive player to help contain them.

This would be especially important versus players who know their teams really well and who also take advantage of their players offensive signature skills. You might want to move your lockdown defender over to that kind of player.

Just remember that there is a difference between ratings and signature skills. The lockdown signature skill doesn’t neutralize ratings. Ratings neutralize ratings along with your skills controlling the players. While it’s possible to lockdown players in NBA2K with non-elite defenders, the lockdown defender skill just makes it easier for you to do. And remember, just because you have a lockdown defender doesn’t mean he will lock anyone down without your help.

Using The Lockdown Defender With Your MyPlayer

The Lockdown Defender signature skill is the most powerful defensive signature skill. If you are a perimeter player playing the one, two or three spot, you’ll definitely want to add it. It has three levels in my player. Because there are three levels, it makes me think that there are degrees in the lockdown status among the group of players listed above.

What Do You Think?

Who do you think is the best lockdown defender in the game? If you were making the rosters, do you feel that NBA2K correctly identified the right lockdown defenders. If not, who would be on your list?


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